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A Detailed Guide To Magic Kingdom park in Disney world

When you want to visit a park in Disneyland, there are many things to cover. However, often, we do not know what it is going to offer us. What entertainment, events are going to be there for you and your kids. if you want to go Magic Kingdom Park, so you get detailed guide you can easily visit your destination with Disney World Guide. We will cover everything this magical land is going to offer you.

You will enchanted into buying Disney World Tickets instantly. You have to read this guide once. When your kids ask next time what they are going to see here? You can tell them with full confidence becoming super parents, let's begin our ride in this fantasy land. There are a total of 146 Activities in This park, So we will cover which are the best ones. There are various types of activities here. We want to give you the details of the ride in the daytime and night time. After all, you & the kids want to have full entertainment, whether its day or night. Moreover, we are going to mention someplace to eat. You will get hungry, trust us.


Classic Magic Kingdom Attractions

There are many fans of Disney who have grown up with classic Disney movies. So, if you want to experience the fantasy world again, read the next line very carefully. In this fantasy land you will meet with peter pan, Enchanted Tales with Belle. It's a perfect place to start your day in Magic Kingdom park. Then there is the journey of the little mermaid, Winnie the pooh. After it, you can say hello to elephant who can fly aka Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

How can we forget the jungle cruise, then the famous pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean? You will on a voyage of the 17th century with ruthless pirates. You will sail thoughts dead man Cove. Who knows you might jack sparrow. Captain jack sparrow. However, we should want to tell some of other Classic Disney attractions as well; they will enchant you in buying Disney World Tickets. They are Astro Orbiter, Mickey’s Philharmagic,Space Mountain and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Etc.

Get frightened

There is no way when there is magic, but no scary part. This is why we thought of introducing you to these two rides. You & the kids are going to have shivered so much. These two rides are ‘Haunted Mission’ And “It's a small world.” Trust us, the words are not scary, but the ride is. In haunted mansion, you will walk through ghosts, Ghouls and supernatural entities. There will be Ghosts singing, hitchhikers, and haunting music. Moreover, yes, there will be tombs as well. Before you get sacred, we want to tell you, there is no gore, and the ghosts have a friendly nature.

It's a small world is a musical boat ride. It's less scary than the first one. You will pass through every continent which has fantastical sights, lands from all over the world and seeing iconic sights. You might think this does not sound scary at all. Well what can we say? You have seen it to live it. However, this does not discourage you from purchasing Disney World Tickets.

Won't you get Hungry

Well after Going through fantasy land and Haunted place, we are sure you want to eat something. So there are some fantastic restaurants in magic kingdom park. We will give you a few names to get started. There are Diamond Horseshoe,  Aloha isle, Casey’s Corner, Liberty Tree Tavern, Lunching pad, and Main Street Bakery. Now there are only a few of them. You can try other Food Courts too.

If you want to take a break after these tours, you could take four hours nap. However, if you are attract in Disney World, so it's better to keep going and buy the Disney World Tickets.


Disney Festival of Fantasy parade

Look, No matter how much attract to you are going to cover Disney World. You can not see every character in one place. However, there is a chance to see them, which is here in this fantasy parade. This enchantment and Vivid Parade of fantasy-land will allow you to see Disney favorite characters. Moreover, it will not be without dance and music. After all they are an integral part of this Disney and this parade. There will be a fire breathing dragon too. However Disney states before buying Disney World Ticket, Check the schedule for the parade. Since it is an outdoor activity, there are possibilities for cancellation.

Now It is going tonight. You might think, oh, it's time to get to bed. However, wait, how about shows at night. So we are going to tell you about some night shows. You Can visit them as per your wish. The experience at night is going to much higher than daytime. Which will make you buy Disney World Tickets?

Under the Sea

Journey of The Little Mermaid - An attraction in the fantasy-land. This is an unusual choice to begin your night in the Magic Kingdom park. However, it's a perfect choice. This underwater adventure will leave you speechless. Its tiny details, music, special effects will blow away your kids mind. A classic story of a little mermaid found true love and the legs. If you think you will get wet, then don’t worry, there is actual water during the performance. Hope you will get the Disney World Tickets for this stellar show.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Have you seen the movie Tomorrowland? Well this ride is inspired by the film. You & the Kids will Board a tram to Voyage through Tomorrowland. You are going to see Mickey's star traders, Architectural models of progress city, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger spin. Also, did we tell you, you are going to see the place from a top view in the night? Imagine the scene. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Disney World Tickets Now. Moreover, there is a Cinderella castle too. Easily one of the rides in the entire Magic Kingdom Park.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Those who have watched the 1937 Disney movie called ‘ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ will instantly recognize the attraction. It's a thrill ride for every age. You are going to deep inside a mountain which is an ancient mountain using a rustic mine train. There you will encounter the famous seven dwarfs. They will whistle and work. Now you may be thinking, why can't you visit in the day time, well if we want to give only one reason. It is the view you are going to see from the top. You will have beautiful views of fantasyland around you. Then the show lighting came alive during the night time. This ride will inspire you to purchase Disney World Tickets.

Splash Mountain

As we said, Some rides give better experience in the night. This is one of those cool rides. You & the kids better are ready to get wet. You will drift through Colorful Southern Bayou. There will be a happy rabbit looking for the laughing place. There will be Audio animatronic bringing alive Geese, Fornds, Racoons, Possums, and other creatures. Guess what; they are going to sing some of famous Disney classic songs. Do you remember “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “Evrybody’s Got a Laughing Place.”?

As we mentioned earlier, you are going to get wet. Because this ride has 950,000 gallons of water, three dips, and a 5-story drop, so if you are seated at the back of the ride, you will get sudden splash all over your body or if you are sitting in the front, So, why don't you purc Disney World Tickets for this ride?

Astro Orbiter

We have mentioned four attractions for the night. If there is one more, we want to mention; it would be this ride. It will especially fantastic for your kids, and they are going to sit in a spaceship. Going to high in the sky and coursing throughout the galaxy. Not everyone gets a chance to fly a space shuttle.  When you lift off  you will need to hand tight, because there are going to be only two seats in your spacecraft. It will get high into the air, picking up the speed. They as real shuttles go around the planets. You will steer your spaceship through galaxies. You may hear the sound of Tomorrowland far away. If you watched space movies, you are going to enjoy the view from the top. Not on the top of the mountain but from the spaceship.

So, this is our detailed Guide to Magic Kingdom park. We have a few rides in the morning, during the day and at night. However, we know there are more rides and activities. We will keep updating the list in the future with more details. After all who does not want to experience the fantasyland, the magic, and enchantment of the night.

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