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Disney World Packages | How to get Cheap Disney World Ticket

Seeing the magic of Disney World is one of the best experiences in life. Choose the best with Disney World Packages. It does not matter how many days you are there; the spell never ends. You will love the story, the drama and the action of it. But let’s face one thing here, buying Disney World tickets cost a lot of money. Indeed, you cannot compare the experience of Disney world with anything, but it does not mean you need to make a hole in your pocket. So, here in this post today, our sole will be the ways of getting Disney World tickets at lower prices. What are the ways of doing it? What tips you should follow. We will keep things simple, so you don’t have to worry about a complicated process. Now, one more thing before we begin, the tips will only work if you follow them exactly. Otherwise, there may not be a Disney World Tickets discount for you. 

Disney world packages (1)

Some things to know before finding cheap Disney world tickets

We wanted to share one more thing; whenever you begin seeing the prices, you should compare the prices of various sellers from the starting date. If you compare the prices of Disney world tickets at different dates, then no matter what seller you choose, you won’t get a fair price. Now let’s see those tips.

Your days of staying affect the price

Here we begin with the easy one. Now there are four theme parks in Disney World.  They are Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney Animal Kingdom theme parks.  The thing is every park will take at least four days of visit to see it ultimately. It means you need to spend at least 16 days here in Disney world to see everything. So, the question is, how many days you want to spend? From one day to 16 days, the choice is yours. Every park, every date in the year, affects the price. So, if you want to stay for three days, seeing a particular park, the prices will be different, and for the same price, you could see another theme park for four days. For many days you will stay, the costs will change.  However, there is another factor that comes into play, deciding the amount of Disney World tickets. The factor is at what time of the year you are visiting Disney World. See, there are specific times when the prices are so high, they feel like a thing only for millionaires, but again another time in the year, those Disney world tickets prices get lower. Thus, the crux is avoided going to Disney world at a big-time, like on a labor day or near Christmas.  This is our first trip you have now read. However, the other way you can try is to see if you can get Disney world packages.

Which park will be included in your ticket?

You are thinking; we have already explained it, so why mention it again. Well, because those four theme parks are not the only thing at Disney World.  When you are buying those Disney World tickets, you are thinking; now I will see everything. It doesn’t work like it. You get to access only the theme parks. You won’t get to see the universal studios, which are not the park of Disney theme park. If someone from your friends or know people were talking about Disney springs and now you think whether you need to buy a separate ticket. Well, there’s no need since they are free to visit. But the water park will cost you another Disney world tickets. So, if you want to visit those water park, you will have to upgrade your tickets. It’s up to you where you want to spend your money.

Choosing Mid - Day Magic Tickets

Here the newest thing from Disney world, you can buy those Disney world tickets, which will allow you to enter the park at noon or later. However, we have not seen people getting excited about it since morning is the essential part of your vacation here at Disney theme park. However, they do affect the price, so if you are a late person, then do consider them buying. You may get discount Disney tickets, but the fun won’t is the same as going in the morning.

What are the ways of Getting a Disney world tickets discount?

We are now moving to the practical side of things. These steps work when you are checking the prices. So some of the elements may apply to you and some not. It depends upon your situation, which will help you or not. Let’s see the first thing you do to get a discount on Disney World tickets. So, use these ways, and you will get yourself those best Discount Disney tickets.

Checking the official page of Disney world Website

Every discount begins at the Disney world official website. Before you go to any third party vendor for Disney World tickets, you should check out the prices on the official website. Let’s say you want to buy Disney World tickets for more than three days; then, for every ticket, you will have the opportunity to save USD 20. The other thing, it’s best if you buy the tickets online.  If you are there at the park and then purchasing the tickets, then you will have to pay a much higher price then what is mentioned online. So, buy the tickets online, save money. You can buy a Disney world ticket at Walmart as well.

What if you are a Florida Resident?

Well, if you are a Florida resident, then you may have already known about it. But if you don’t know, then read it. The residents of Florida can receive up to 30% on Disney world tickets discount. Sometimes Disney even provides a special ticket offer as well. However, if you are living in Florida, then we would recommend you buy the Disney Annual pass. It will save you a lot of money, and you get to visit the place at any time in a year.  You get to celebrate Christmas day with real magic in the Disney world. But if you are a more significant dan, then buying Disney world packages for you and your family would be a good thing.

Buying Disney Vacation packages Club

What if you become a member of the Disney vacation club? How much money you would save when buying those Disney World tickets, well it’s a trick question. But what we have observed is, a member can avail up to a 10% discount.  The other thing you can try is to get an annual pass. However, before you begin to work for membership for Disney Vacation packages Club, calculate the costs. Because we are sure, you are not planning to go to Disney world every few months. However, if you are, then it could be a good deal. See if you buy Disney tickets at Walmart and get a discount.

What About Military Discounts?

So, Disney World offers exceptional discounts for Disney personals. If you know someone from the military, you can ask them if they can help you to get those individual military Disney world tickets. There is a unique base at Disney world for military people to buy the tickets. But there is one thing, they are like flash sales. They may be available, and they maybe not. So, it’s better to call a Disney world representative to make sure if the discounts are still available. The highest Disney world tickets Discount we have seen so far was 50%. But not everyone will get it.  It’s your luck as well.

Discount Disney world Gift cards with Disney world vacation packages

It a rare sight to get the Discount Disney gift cards. However, if you do get it, then we would say you are one lucky person to get them. If you do get them, the maximum discount would be around 7% to 10%. We simply wanted to mention because we don’t want to leave any option behind. Getting these gift cards solely depends upon Disney. With these gift cards, you can pay for Disney World tickets, Disney vacations, Disney World resorts, and Disney stores. So, this was the basic information about Discount Disney gift cards. It is possible if you buy Disney World vacation packages, you might receive these Gift cards.

What is the Park Hopper?

Here the thing, first you should not try to visit Multiple Theme parks in one day. Disney world is not a small place. Ohh, but first about the park hopper. It is an Add on Which makes you eligible to go to many parks in one day.see if there is there is an option for Disney world packages, which would have the park hopper.  But It is not feasible if you are going with little kids.  But it is an excellent thing if you want to visit the place you have already seen in the park. You are wondering why someone would want to go to the place again, well then as we said, the magic of Disney world is beyond words. It is truly magical. So we are hoping you will understand their feelings. For more info, check here.


But here another thing, which may be right for you to buy Disney World tickets with park hopper option. See, every park has a different opening and closing time. So if you can coordinate between them, then this is a deal which is going to save money. The next thing is, the best use of the park hopper is to use them in offseason. The crowd is less, and you can quickly go from one park to another.


So, these are some of the tips to get Disney World Tickets at a discount. We are sure these tips will help you.

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